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Frequently Asked Questions

Our highly skilled team of science communicators, visualizers, and illustrators will work on your conference presentation.

No, your paper does not need to be published. You can use this service at any stage during your research in order to promote it.

Certainly. We will help you increase the reach of your research by uploading your presentation on social media platforms and hosting them on our webpage gallery. We also encourage you to reach out to your network of peers, colleagues, and funders and the broader community and share links to your video hosted on journal, institutional, or personal pages.

In the Premium Conference Pack a dedicated Editage PhD expert is assigned as a consultant for your project. The expert will understand your expectations, supervise your project, and review the work completed by our experts personally to ensure high quality before final delivery.

A scientific poster generally includes a title, author names and affiliations, very brief versions of your study’s introduction, methods, results, conclusions, acknowledgements, along with key images and figures. Some other useful additions are a references section, and contact information. The footer in your poster can also be repurposed creatively. This section can include references and contact information.

Posters are not meant to look like a primary research article condensed into one big page. Your sections should be as simple and concise, communicating only the most important results. With a poster, you have the advantage of being able to visually communicate your work, so you don’t need every little detail on the board. In terms of visibility, your poster should be readable from several feet away. So, using a big and visible font style is essential. It can also be useful to use two different font styles; one for your section titles, and a different one for the body of those sections.

That often depends on the submission guidelines of the event where your poster is being presented. In terms of size, a scientific poster is generally 48 x 36 inches in size A poster also generally has between 700 to 900 words of text in it, inclusive of all sections. The presentation that you make out of it should ideally not be more than 10 to 15 slides in length. Of course, the length of your presentation would depend on the time limits imposed by your conference

There are several important do’s and don’ts for a poster presentation. We’ve listed just a few of them here:

What you should do:

  • Break your poster up into sections, much like a scientific article. Label all the sections with titles. Always start with an abstract, and write your sections so that they can be easily read and digested.
  • Avoid jargon. Stress on experimental strategy, key results, and your conclusions.
  • Provide readers with routes into the literature and supply a context for your work. Poster references need not be as extensive as those in papers. If the research related to your poster has already been published, display relevant citation(s).
  • Write a short acknowledgment section, including your sources of financial support and everyone who helped you to get this work done.

What you should not do:

  • Write your poster as one long, meandering thread.
  • Ever expect anyone to spend more than 3-5 min (tops!) at your poster.
  • Write your poster just as if it were a scientific paper.
  • Describe evert detail of your related research. Convey the big picture.
  • Assume your audience are all experts. They may not be.
  • Leave out the acknowledgments.