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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get an Editage card? The Editage card is an online tool that is automatically available to all Editage customers, except those on a monthly-billing plan. It is free to set up and use. To get started, please follow these steps: Know more
  • How do I add funds?On your Editage card screen, click on "Add Funds to Card." You can make payments via bank transfer or credit card. Know more
  • How do I obtain a proforma invoice before making a payment to my Editage card? If you need a proforma invoice, please contact customer service at Know more
  • What payment modes can I use to add funds? You can make payments via bank transfer or credit card. Upon clicking on "Add Funds to Card", you can choose your payment mode. Credit card payments are accepted online, through PayPal and WorldPay. Note that the maximum amount that can be paid through a single PayPal or WorldPay transaction is US$1000. Know more
  • After making a payment, how soon until my card balance gets updated? Payments made through Paypal reflect automatically. Payments made through WorldPay reflect within 3 working days and bank transfer payments reflect within 5 working days. Know more
  • What proof of payment do you provide, after funds have been added to my Editage card? Upon payment of funds towards the Editage card, you will receive a system-generated receipt or a credit card receipt. If you require a tax invoice, please contact customer service at Know more